Social Media Consultations

 One on One Social Media Consultations

Many people already have some social media presence, but they don’t know how to use it effectively.

This is a one-on-one consultation where I review your sites and then we have an in depth conversation about what you’re doing and recommendations on how to tweak, adjust or change things to be more effective.

This can include your profile, your description, who to connect with and how to connect, do’s and don’ts on the sites.

I always recommend we schedule the call at a time when there won’t be interruptions and definitely bring paper and pens to the call – you need to take lots of notes. I have had clients tell me they had enough work to do from our call to keep them busy for months.

These consultations are $100 an hour, but if you need multiple sessions, I can give you a multiple hour discount.

We can also record the call – so you can refer back to our discussion. But I need to know this before the call.

Group Social Media Consultations

We can also arrange to do group consultations. If you’re employees or people in your network would like to do a social media consultation – that can be arranged. It is a great way for a business to get their people involved in being active on social media. The number of people and the time required will determine the cost.

Contact Shri at (540) 466-4699 or to discuss the options. 


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