What Are Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a pretty broad category of promotional videos. This is a basic description of an explainer promotional video –

An explainer video is usually a 1-2 minute video used to introduce a new product or company, and it should answer a few fundamental questions. It explains what problem the product is trying to solve, and why the viewer should want to use this. It is similar to a 30 second elevator pitch, but with visuals, and a more casual, fun vibe. Sometimes, these videos are even distributed before the product is fully formed.  It is used to pique the viewer’s interest, and be informative and clear without taking up too much time. – http://goanimate.com/video-maker-tips/explainer-video/

These are the main types of explainer promotional videos – we create each of these types of videos and would be happy to speak with you about creating these for you.


Image from – http://www.quicksprout.com/2015/02/27/the-ultimate-guide-to-creating-a-killer-explainer-video/