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I’d like to welcome you to my local business promo website. I’ve been working in business since about 3 months after I graduated from high school and I love it. Just about all that time I’ve either managed a business for someone or I’ve owned my own business or businesses. In 1993 I was working at Domino’s Pizza and I was playing around with our new computer system’s marketing functionality and stumbled on a new skill. That was the beginning of a new interesting in marketing that I’ve pursued since then in a variety of industries and which prompted me to launch my own promotional business in August 2007, which started with virtual book tours for authors and has grown from there. Whether its a book tour, promoting a new music album, an online webinar, a website, a TV show or DVD, a non-profit organization, a radio show or network, or any product or service in a nearby city or the other side of the world, I’d love to talk with you about your next project. To date, I’ve worked with people in cities near me and in 17 countries around the world, will you be the next person I help?


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Compare Marketing to Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers on Social Media

We know that different people use and see social media differently and that definitely applies to Generation X and Baby Boomers. So, I wanted to share this interesting infographic that shows how to market to these two different groups – feel free to share your thoughts below.


Instagram Predictions for 2017

What changes and upgrades or updates can we look forward to on Instagram in 2017? I spotted these earlier today – click the link at the bottom for much more detail on each of these potential changes –

#1: Instagram Analytics Data and User Experience Will Improve

#2: Instagram Overtakes Snapchat Market Share

#3: Use of User-generated Content Becomes More Common on Instagram

#4: Instagram Keeps Competitors at Bay With Improved Functionality

#5: Better Instagram Business Tools Emerge

#6: Shoppable Product Tags Put Instagram Sales Front and Center

#7: Instagram Embraces Marketers With Expanded Business Profile Features

#8: Instagram Requires More Attention From Marketers

Check out each of these prediction and the people who made the predictions – http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-instagram-marketing-predictions-for-2017-from-the-pros

Establish and Increase Your Online Credibility

Never underestimate the importance of establishing, building and increasing the online credibility of your business and yourself. Whenever I work with a client – I emphasize this to them. There are many ways to do this — and I use many. These can include: blogging, article writing, guest blogging, podcasting, personal appearances, speaking engagements – in person or Skype etc, publishing a book, and many many more. Below, I shared an article with some other suggestions on ways to increase your online credibility. If you’d like to discuss your credibility, feel free to contact me at 4localpromo @ gmail.com —

6 Ways To Increase Your Brand’s Online Credibility

Founder of YouthNoise Inc.

Credibility is important in building a successful online business. Whether your online business is a spinoff of an already-existing enterprise or a new solely online venture, how customers perceive your company plays a critical role in your success. Strong brand credibility can help everyone from e-commerce stores to freelancers earn and keep their online customers’ trust.

Unfortunately, the alarming rate of security breaches means overall trust in online businesses is shaky at best. All it takes for your customers to give up the idea of doing business with you is a little lack of credibility.

If winning customer trust and increasing online sales are among your business concerns, here are some proven ways to improve your brand’s credibility online.

1. Third-party awards.

Displaying awards from reputable third-party sources such as industry regulators and trade magazines will boost confidence — just as it does when customers shop brands in the physical world. These accolades signal your brand has been deemed trustworthy by an impartial reviewer.

Imagine you walk into a bookstore without a predetermined title in mind. You’re instantly confronted with two interesting titles. One is a winner of The Man Booker Prize, and the other’s only claim is its great title. Which do you choose?

Awards and other third-party recognition are more important for small businesses. While small- and medium-sized businesses make up the largest number of businesses nationwide, they also are most in danger of closing down. Displaying a third-party award on your website gives consumers peace of mind your business is in it for the long run.

Awards will set your brand apart from the competition and instantly bestow credibility upon your online business.

2. On-site customer reviews.

Statistics show some 61 percent of buyers read customer reviews before they make a purchase. Yelp is popular for good reason. Consumers want to see what others are saying about your services before they commit. And what better way to do this than show them on your website?

San Diego criminal law website Monderlaw.com provides a good example. While the style of the awards might strike some as abrasive, viewers see a roundup of customer perceptions — mostly from the firm’s Yelp reviews.

Including client reviews on your website immediately tells visitors your brand is transparent and ready to own its image. Transparency and consistency each have a significant part to play in building your brand’s long-term credibility.


3. Display certified trust seals.

According to consumer trust research, users now understand the importance of trust seals on websites. Be assured that users who access your website for the first time will look for one of these well-known stamps of approval.

A Baymard survey of over 2,500 consumers revealed Norton as the most trusted seal — despite also reporting that users aren’t all that particular about which technology protects your website. It’s a practical concern: Most customers don’t have the technical know-how to determine your specific toolkit. All the same, they do value the sense of security these seals provide them.

The lesson? Ensuring online security isn’t enough. You need to show your customers what you’re doing to protect their transactions and their information.

4. Solid online reputation.

Many consumers won’t patronize a business whose principal member has a poor reputation online. Building online brand credibility only works in tandem with your personal identity — even more so for small businesses. You should leverage content marketing to create a strong, personal identity. In turn, your online credibility also will get a boost.

PWC uses its CEO’s identify to strengthen its brand through content. The company’s CEO Insights blog features thought-leadership content that not only educates consumers but also builds strong credibility for the company’s leading members.


5. Videos that demonstrate trust.

Video content can help your online business connect with consumers better than text and images.

As consumers become more accustomed to fast content and reality TV, they expect businesses to adopt similar practices. Small-business owners who allow consumers to see and hear them will garner more trust than those who hide behind stock photos and static text on a web page.

6. Personality in brand communication.

Consumers are increasingly averse to brands that use corporate-speak. Customers want to relate to your business before they seek a connection with you. This means your business must interact with customers on a more personal level. It’s a good practice for small businesses to allow their founder’s or CEO’s personality to be reflected in how the business is run. That includes the tone, message and format of communication tools such as content pieces, emails, and videos.

Originally posted at — https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/279937

Is Podcasting Right for Your Credibility, Visibility and Marketing

Can you use podcasting as part of your marketing strategy? Can you use podcasting to boost your credibility? Should you consider a podcast as a way to boost the visibility of your business? Its an interesting way to reach new potential customers and to expand your reach to existing customers. I’d like to share an article I read on the Fiverr blog that talks about how podcasting can be including in your marketing strategy. I have two weekly radio shows that I host and produce and would love to talk with you about how you could use podcasting as a marketing option. Consider that I reach thousands of listeners with my message each week and then after the podcast airs, its syndicated on iTunes and Stitcher, and I archive the show on the website I created for the show. Feel free to contact me to discuss this promotional opportunity – 4localpromo @ gmail.com


Some 46 million Americans tune into podcasts each month. Like blogs, podcasts offer marketers the possibility of creating comparatively low-cost pieces of content and delivering them on-demand to their audience members. With monthly podcast listenership on the rise (there’s been a 75% uptick in listenership noted between 2013 and 2016) and the same number of Americans listening to Podcasts as actively using Twitter, investing in podcasts should be a part of most any marketer or business owner’s playbook. Still need more convincing? Here are 10 ways podcasting can benefit your marketing strategy.

1. Relatively low cost.

A good marketing strategy balances cost with benefit and right now podcasts are giving brands and businesses a strong ROI. Creating a digital audio file for download requires only a few pieces of equipment, and most of it is affordable and easy to use. The start a podcast, begin with these 8 steps to making a podcast. The barest of these necessities include some kind of audio recording software (i.e. GarageBand, Adobe Audition or even Skype) and a microphone (condenser microphones are typically used in recording studios while dynamic mics are better for noisy or “natural” environments). A small investment in hiring voice-over artists can also add professional polish to a podcast. Try bookending your recording with an introduction and conclusion from a voice-over artist or consider working with voice talent to host your entire podcast.

2. Convenience.

144 million Americans spend 52 minutes of their day in cars and more than three-quarters of them are doing their driving alone. Push content like podcasts are tailor-made for our on-demand, on-the-go world. Listeners can literally take the content with them, wherever they’re going: on their commute, on a run, or in the car. With digital listenership moving largely to the self-curated, on-demand model, it’s a safe bet that podcasts will continue to enjoy an extended renaissance and widespread popularity amongst consumers.

3. Grow your audience.

Social sharing tools will help get your content out into the world and bring followers, subscribers and listeners in return. Using social platforms to share and publicize podcast content is a great way to increase the size of your audience. Remember to make it easy for new subscribers or customers to download or stream podcasts (consider removing time consuming barriers to entry, like sign-ups or logins) and provide a synopsis or preview of your podcast so potential listeners know what’s in store. Make sure you have more than one podcast ready at the time of launch (three is always a safe bet) so hungry listeners can get, listen and share content from jump.

4. Build long-term relationships with customers.

Podcast listeners are often repeat customers, consuming an average of 5 podcasts per week. Having and maintaining long-term relationships with customers reduces your cost-per-acquisition and ultimately drives profits. Podcasts are tailor-made vehicles for such customer retention. Strong bonds often form between listeners and their podcast hosts (Serial began the ever-popular podcast listening and entertainment). There’s an intimacy that comes from listening to a podcast and it provides ample opportunity for building strong, lasting, committed relationships with your audience members.

5. Own your expertise area.

Do you have a unique niche or area of expertise that could be helpful to your audience? Do you have access to people or a network of people who could contribute useful or interesting information to your listenership? When creating podcasts as part of an overall marketing strategy take time to think about what you or your business can uniquely contribute to the conversation. Podcasts are a storytelling platform. It can put the publisher or creator in a position to speak with authority on virtually anything. Unsure what your angle should be? Don’t be afraid to test different ideas, topics and formats to see what resonates most with your listeners and adjust your strategy based on those findings.

6. Create thought leaders and influencers.

Thought leaders and influencers aren’t born, they’re made. Podcasts are just one of the mediums business owners can use to create great content and share it with the world. Once you’ve established your niche or expertise area, you will be in a position to speak with authority on that topic, hopefully gaining and growing a loyal audience of followers along the way. Becoming an influencer in your field is not only great for your brand reach, it can be great for your business as well.

7. Drive revenue.

Making a podcast worth listening to should be your first order of business, but once you’ve done that and established an audience base, there’s money to be made. Whether through selling advertising time, engaging in affiliate marketing, accepting sponsorship opportunities or booking speaking engagements, podcasts create unique and lucrative marketing opportunities and improve your return on investment.

8. Boost web traffic.

With competition in the search field fiercer than ever, many are looking for new ways to drive qualified traffic to their sites. Creating high quality, original content, like podcasts, and then promoting them on social can do more for traffic than dropping thousands of dollars on pay-per-click or search engine ads.

9. Strengthen your brand.

Content continues to play an enormous role in brand building and is a crucial part of any viable marketing strategy. A strong content library that includes podcasts can also improve your search engine rankings – building up your backlink profile and creating new pathways for potential customers to find and engage with your brand or business.

10. Podcasts are the future.

Podcasting continues to see interest from investors ready and willing to pour millions of venture cash into the medium. Streaming and on-demand platforms like Pandora, Spotify and Google are expanding their podcasting services and big name celebrities, authors and influencers are podcasting in droves. With investment money abounding, great content, expanding distribution and talent all coalescing around podcasting as the storytelling medium of the future.



Shared from the Fiverr blog at the link below –

[Infographic] 10 Reasons Why Podcasting Will Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Local Video Marketing Tips

One of my favorite creative things is to create promotional videos – and videos are growing in popularity as a way to get your message out to existing customers and to potential clients. Here are 10 key tips on how to develop the most beneficial videos to reach your potential customers.

We offer a variety of types of videos to get your message across to viewers – and they are all customized with information that is specific to your products and services.


Prices for Promotional Videos

z-video marketing

3 of the Top 12 Small Towns in Virginia

3 of the small towns featured in a recent article – are within my local area and I’ve worked with many businesses in this area over the years.

The three towns included in the article are Staunton VA, Lexington, VA and Monterey Virginia. Have you visited each of these towns? Each has a personality of its own – and all 3 are beautiful in its own way.

Staunton VA

Staunton (population 23,746) has been called one of the ‘Best Small Towns in America’ by various travel publications, including Smithsonian Magazine. The area was first settled in 1732, and the town served as the capital of Virginia in June of 1781 when legislators fled from both Richmond and Charlottesville. Staunton is the birthplace of president Woodrow Wilson and home to the American Shakespeare Center, the world’s only authentic replica of the Blackfriars Theater.

Lexington VA

Named for Lexington, Massachusetts, where the first shot was fired in the American Revolution, Lexington, Virginia (population 6,998) is home to the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University. Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson are both buried in Lexington. In addition to rich historical sites and monuments, Lexington is also home to several well-known farm-to-table restaurants.

Monterey VA

Located in Highland County, the village of Monterey (population 147) is linked to the upper Shenandoah Valley just over the Bull Pasture and Shenandoah mountains from Staunton. Monterey is ripe for niche tourism, with beautiful country homes, old churches, nearby hiking trails, and the annual Highland Maple Festival, which takes place each March.

Read the full article here – http://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/virginia/articles/the-10-most-beautiful-towns-in-virginia/


10 Tips for Create Persuasive Promotional Content

This is another article directed to musicians but anyone who wants to promote and market their business, product and/or service can use information from this article.

I’ll share the main 10 tips, but you will need to click the link at the bottom of the page to read all the details.

  1. Say the most important things first
  1. Provide detailed information
  1. Use attractive graphics
  1. Include your logo and slogan
  1. Include a call to action
  1. Use a marketing information code
  1. Keep it simple
  1. Use trigger words
  1. Use the right colors and fonts
  1. Adapt to each customer

Read the full article here – http://blog.discmakers.com/2015/04/10-tips-for-creating-music-marketing-content